Perched high above Old Town is the Aerie Neighborhood (#7 in map above), where single-family homes dot the hillsides and offer commanding vistas in all directions. Single-family homes and homesites offer excellent proximity to both Main Street and Deer Valley Resort®, and trails provide access to lower elevation neighborhoods.

The Aerie community offers a quality balance between the hub of downtown life and the tranquility and serenity offered by Mother Nature. While this area has long been been utilized as secondary luxury homes for many out-of-state individuals, more and more families are coming to the area hoping to buy a house in Park City. From beautiful townhomes to expansive million dollar homes, Aerie offers a wide range of options for every family. If you’re interested in learning more about the modern luxury homes for sale in this community, be sure to reach out to the Realtors at the ZW Group today!

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